Here is some mechanism to deploy RDL files to Sharepoint -integrated mode as bulk.
1. Created  “rss” file which can take two parameter

1.1 Parameter 1 : ReportFile path

1.2. Parameter2 : Actual Report Name in share point

2. Using dynamic variable switch (-v) we have to call RS utility (rs.exe) and pass the physical location where the RDL is available and destination location (URL).


rs.exe -i deployreport.rss -s http://xxx:2222/ReportServer -e Mgmt2006 -v ReportSource=%1-v ReportName=%2

3. Created a VB script file which generate a BAT file with as many lines as RDL number in the source folderEg:cscript generate.vbs ReportDeployment

4. One wrapper BAT file will call the VB script file and pass the source location-folder name which contain the RDLs to deploy.